March Level 10 Goals

Do you love organization and structure in your life? Feeling a sense of accomplishment? Feeling happy?

Doing Level 10 living has provided a direction for my daily living. I noticed that when I am moving forward in all my categories, my energy increases. I have a reason to get up in the morning that is exhilarating! And a noticeable side effect is that I feel happier. There is something special about setting goals and accomplishing them. The beauty of Level 10 living is that I am not just setting any goals, I am setting goals in the areas of my life that I have defined as important to me. Looking forward to accomplishing my listed goals below. What could you accomplish this month that would make your March month extra special?

1-Health: lose 4.8 pounds. Weigh 167. Figure out what foods I love best that fit into my calorie plan and eat more of those. Repetition may be a good thing. I find that I really love my morning smoothies, fruit for snacks, and Lundberg brown rice cakes with peanut butter and fresh berries on top. Drink 64 oz of water a day. Take multivitamins.

loaded rice cakes
loaded rice cakes (pre-calorie counting. Nowadays just PB and berries)

2-Exercise: 60-minute walks 5 X a week. Stationary bike ride 15 minutes 5 X a week. 2 outdoor bike rides with Molly. 1 hike. Also add home weight program 2 X a week, abs 3 X a week, and Adriene YouTube yoga daily. link

3-Home: Finish organizing main floor-pantry, guest room, bathroom, kitchen, and mudroom. Think about Spring herb garden

4-Income: Post all my crochet baby items and Autumn doll on Etsy link

Autumn Sage
Autumn Sage crochet doll
Foxy woodland child
Autumn loves feeling Foxy!

5-Love: Hike and picnic with Molly. And opera date on March 9th

6-Money: Track spending, stay on plan, and reduce expenses. (We just ordered fire sticks and canceled cable)

7-Family: Take over crockpot beef roast dinner and trimmings. Including chocolate mint cupcakes. (I will post photos end of March)

8-Social: Set a date for assessment testing for Lula Mae. Escape room with Amy (Molly’s sister) and Jeff. Seems everyone really enjoys them but this will be our first.

9-Spiritual: Meditate daily. Do miracle morning daily. Finish Seth Speaks.

Seth speaks
Very intense book explaining our existence
Miracle Morning
this book has been a life changer for me. And it’s on thrift books!

10-Creative: Crochet the flower blanket pattern that I am designing.

Flower blanket
Angelina’s flower blanket design
Flower blanket progress
Progress on flower blanket

Start writing 90-day novel. My favorite astrologer Jessica Logan from years ago told me I would be a successful writer some day. Maybe now is the time?

90 days to a novel
90 days to your novel

11-Fun: Play ping pong. One of my and Molly’s favorite activities.

12-Education: Stay number one on the Duolingo leader board. Grazie Mille! Keep learning to blog. Post 4 blog posts.

Looking forward to seeing your goals, comments, and achievements!

Grab your PDF To Do weekly Level 10 action plan here. Both with categories and blanks

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  1. Your blog is well-written and inspirational, with strategies that can be easily related to anyone. I’m so glad you are sharing these ideas!

  2. thanks Angelina! You are inspiring me to stop drifting and start planning and setting goals.

    1. Danielle, thank you so much for your sweet comments! It’s greatly appreciated! I know you have been there from the very early days before I met Molly. I appreciate your support!

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